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Writing my dissertation has been the most demanding, exhausting, yet highly rewarding endeavor in my life. It was a long and arduous journey not just for me but also for my family who had supported me throughout the process. From my experience, it is easy to get lost along the way, procrastinate, and give in to distractions. But with perseverance and hard work, the finish line is attainable. When I started my doctoral program, I was extremely excited but was also very intimidated. I felt intensely inferior to the other students because they all seemed smarter and better educated than I was. My insecurities and self-doubts were the driving forces that made me work harder. I probably studied twice as hard and wrote twice as long as everyone else. I worked harder and longer to compensate for my shortcomings. We at "ACADEMICS PLUS" will provide you with the necessary support to help you with a smooth and rewarding journey.  Our word of advice is to practice the following steps:

FORM GOOD HABITS: Wow, this is pretty easy.’ *Face palm* Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Things did get more challenging. I had to do a much better job at managing my time, being organized, and actually saying no to things and recreational events.

LIFE DOES'NT STOP:Your job demands are still there, sometimes even more so than normal. Demands of your family are still there. Your students still need you

IT TAKES A VILLAGE: The doctoral process is a JOURNEY and one where your village will be there to keep you sane and remind of your magic when you’ve forgotten it.

IT'S A LONELY PROCESS: Distance learning is a very lonely process, so it is very important that you make friends with people who are able to understand your experiences. Every day debrief what you are working on and provide each other affirmations.

SELF CARE IS VERY IMPORTANT: Although the perception when you’re a doctoral student is that you have to eat, sleep, and breathe your dissertation, it’s okay not to. Just like you have a life outside of your job for self-care. You have to have a life outside of your dissertation. I had an extremely busy schedule, so it was important and essential for me to carve out time to take care of me.


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